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1 the interchange of sections between pairing homologous chromosomes during the prophase of meiosis [syn: crossing over]
2 a voter who is registered as a member of one political party but who votes in the primary of another party [syn: crossover voter]
3 the appropriation of a new style (especially in popular music) by combining elements of different genres in order to appeal to a wider audience; "a jazz-classical crossover album"
4 a path (often marked) where something (as a street or railroad) can be crossed to get from one side to the other [syn: crossing, crosswalk]

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  1. A place where one thing crosses over another.
  2. The means by which the crossing is made.
  3. (genetics) the result of the exchange of genetic material during meiosis.
  4. A blend of multiple styles of music, intended to appeal to a wider audience.
  5. An automobile that is a mix of two kinds of automobiles, i.e. the Pontiac Torrent.
  6. A pair of switches and a short, diagonal length of track which together connect two parallel tracks and allow passage between them.

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Crossover may refer to:


  • Fictional crossover, a storyline shared between two fictional universes, or involving characters from multiple universes
    • See Intercompany crossover for comic-book crossovers in which a character published by one company meets a character published by another.
    • See Gaming crossovers for crossovers within video games.


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